How to Get Away with Never Wearing Heels Again

Today I came across an article entitled “How to Get Away with Never Wearing Heels Again”. I was excited. I was thinking it would be an informative and illustrated article about types of flats with proportions of clothing lines, possibly even involving different body lines. Instead, it was photos of celebrities wearing flats, and then links to buy various flats. Disappointing! 

The article I was hoping to read, is one I could very well write- I just enjoy seeing the style aesthetics analysis of others as food for thought for me own. So my beauties, here is the first installment of How to Get Away with Never Wearing Heels Again, which focuses on flats with mini dresses. 

The key to successfully wearing flats with any outfit is to pick flats that echo the mood of your outfit. It would be bizarre to wear sneakers with the dress on the left or right as they are both somewhat dressy, but the shift in the middle has a funky print and could better pair with sneakers. 

The dress on the left has a classic and soft vibe, which is what we look for in shoes- nearly any variation on a ballet flat should work, and the color of the shoe should continue the colors of the dress. I like the bows/buckles on both pair as a touch of round detailing to echo the round large floral print. I see this look as a possibility for spring-summer Classic Round, Gamine Round, and Angels. 

The middle dress is funky and high energy, so we find funky shoes with small, crisp details to echo this. A pop of color would be in line with the high energy look in a way that woudn't flow with the other two dresses. I see this look as a possibility for winter Fae.

The dress on the right is sexy in a cozy way, and fine suede-like texture is just the thing, with slightly pointed toes to continue the shape of the v-neck. A pair of leggings would emphasize cozy over sexy. I see this look as a possibility for autumn Romantic Valkyrie, and some Seers.

You can always play with juxtaposition and creating tension, but in this series we will continue exploring harmony. 

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