Fantastical Beauty Quadrants and Subtypes (In-Type Variants)

In determining your Fantastical Beauty style archetype (or having it determined for you), you're likely to come to a square of possibility. A person's face is often between full and balanced or full and linear; and it's common for a woman's s-curve to be in between subtle and moderate or moderate and major s-curve types as well. While some people will have a clear best type, and others will be between two, the most common is to be in a square of four possibilities (a few rare people span a possibility of six). 

Once you narrow it down to your four, personality, energy, outer perception, and even coloring can come into play and aid you in narrowing it down from there.

One of the six possible type squares.

One of the six possible type squares.

Even after you've come to your true type, knowing your location relative to neighboring types can be useful in personalizing the type recommendations. 

If this is your four, but in the end you were able to confidently claim a linear face, but lean in personality/coloring/vibe and other tertiary considerations toward nymph, your placement might look like this, and you may have fun pulling some Nymph elements into your Fae look.

In this possibility, you are Fae, but due to tertiary considerations, you were able to completely eliminate Valkyrie and Nymph, while there was still something right to be found in Maenad, and you can now draw to a small degree from that type.

Your location on the Fantastical Beauty map will never be directly on a line. You will always be located as one of the nine types. That said, whatever your type, there IS a way to borrow an element from any of the other eight types, while staying true to your Fantastical Beauty archetype.

Valkyrie contains amazons, werewolves, gorgons, huntress, werecat

Fae contains fairies, high elves, wood elves, dark elves, nixies, will-o-the-wisp, pixy, fairy queens.  

Magic Queens contains sorceress, witch, shaman, gargoyle, imp, enchantress, necromancer.  

Maenads contains bacchai, vampires, succubus, jinn, satyress.

Nymphs contains kitsune, gaia, draiads, naiads, centaur, hearth goddesses, xana.

Angels contains dark/fallen angels, angel warriors, healers, soul guardian, fates. 

Dragon Princesses contains cupcake princesses, harpies, phoenix, solar dragons, lunar dragons. lucky water dragons.

Mermaids contains kushtaka, hydra, naga, selkie, undine, lamia.

Seers contains fortune tellers, banshees, lady luck, ghost, reaper, sirens.


Some subtypes crossover with a neighboring type, but your true Fantastical Beauty archetype is number one in shaping your story, and a gorgon Valkyrie is different from a gorgon Maenad.