How to Get Away with Never Wearing Heels Again pt. 2

We continue our series with three more outfits, finishing up our exploration of mini-lengths; and again, the trick is to match the flat to the mood of the outfit. Which shoes you choose can shift the mood of the outfit, taking it from funky to sexy to more casual; but rarely can it completely change the mood of an outfit, and so we try to stay in-range with what the outfit is saying.

The left is cute-cozy/casual-flirty. Choosing oxfords continues casual-flirty, the sandals casual, the slides casual with a funkier element given the print, and the rainboot would be really cute and a bit flirty. This is a potential outfit for spring-autumn Maenads, Angels, and Seers.

The middle outfit is edgy, and any variation on a moto-boot will pair. I especially like the first boot with cutouts because it helps continue the line of the leg/exposed skin while still having the feeling of a boot. If you do a solid boot with a mini length, it segments the leg in a way that can be harsh- anything with scalloping or cutouts will help blend the line, as would dark tights or leggings. This is a potential outfit for winter Nymphs, Maenads, Fae. 

The third outfit is sensual-cozy, and I really like the simple peep toes or sandals as an echo. The closed toe slingback is cozy. If you wanted more sensual-dressy, you could choose peep toes with sparkles or bow detailing. This outfit has potential for Angels and Mermaids. 

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