Say Yes to your Best

In the KLM approach to style, we focus on what is working, rather than what is not. Rather than coming up with a list of NO, we come up with a list of Yes! Yes! Yes! A small difference at first glance, but with a big mental impact. Framing is everything, and we don’t need to know what is bad in order to work on enhancing the beauty you already have. Learning only what enhances saves mental clutter as well as keeps us focusing on that which is positive.

Rather than "no crewnecks" we ignore crewnecks entirely. Our list says only "yes! scoopnecks!"

I'm not even sure we have time for "maybe"s. When you learn your best, you also learn where you can make concessions if you have to, and which directions to make them in; but what focus we have available ought really be spent on enthusiastically loving our best- the very best versions of ourselves inside and out. 

A pitfall to this is the kind of obsession to detail, the pickiness, that arises from knowing our true best, and not wanting to make concessions. The trick is to remember that we are striving to be our bests with what is available to us right now.  

The future may bring something even better. All we can do is to do our absolute best with what we have at hand (including our budgets as well as style and color availability). If you have a solid basic wardrobe, then you have enough that you can wait through seasonal cycles and the trends of color and cut that come and go to find what really flatters you. You can level up your wardrobe one item at a time- replacing a jersey tee with a linen tee with a silk blouse, or whatever improvement on an item looks like for you.

If you don't have a solid basic wardrobe, then work toward building one while clearing your closet of what isn't working to make room for what works better. Small improvements add up over time, and are often better than sweeping changes; because they give us time to adjust, time to play, and time to really see and feel what is and isn't working. 

What do you feel confident in saying yes to?