Decorating with the Fantastical Beauty Grid

We can use our 9 types map in a similar way to Feng Shui for decorating our home spaces, by aligning the bottom edge of the map with our front door, and dividing up our home into this pattern of 9 spaces.

The 9 types each emphasize one aspect of our person, and so we benefit from acknowledging all 9 of them in our homes. This can be done in a way that is still true to both our own types and our own tastes. For example, if you're a Maenad decorating your Fae area, and you're looking for lighting, yours would be the lamp below on the left, rather than the 2nd and 3rd image which are Fae decorating Fae.

You can see the difference in type expression in the color, material, and detail of the lighting options. They all echo Fae in their use of purple and small detail.  

Maenad decor in Fae Section

The first lighting is Moroccan in style, with a candle to light your way wherever you may be headed. It would be so much the better if the candle echoed Fae scents.

Fae/Nymph decor in Fae

The middle lamp would be better if it had more detail (shimmery lampshade, detail added to the pot, or just something interesting in the pencil holder section it has), but is a fine option for someone with a modern aesthetic.

Fae decor in Fae

The last lighting option would most likely be put in a glass jar, reminiscent of fireflies, or perhaps trailing along a curtain rod or plant

Our Fae section representing Air, you might add a wind chime, nature sounds, an air purifier, bells, chiming bowl, bird/insect/winged/fairy art, etc.