How to style the same LBD for the 9 types

Working from a request to see how each of the 9 Fantastical types would style a date night look, I've created a challenge for us. Below are the 9 types, in random order, and in all black (IRL I'd want to see you add in color, but there are times in life where the protocol is all black and it's nice to see how best to make it work). You've seen a few jewelry ideas before, so to make this more challenging, you only have shoes and jackets to go off of. After you're done guessing, scroll down to see the answer key, and share in the comments how many you got right!  

Click and drag below this text to highlight the answer key.

1.angel 2.maenad 3. seer 4. valkyrie 5. mermaid 6. dragon princess 7. fae 8. magic queen 9. nymph