Leggings, Artwork, and More

Weeks ago I had two design conundrums. The first design was in finding this perfect, lush, dense, jungle design as wallpaper. But I wasn't looking for wallpaper- I was looking for leggings, scarves, and duvets. The second design conundrum was in finding flamingo leggings to add extra fun to my workouts. I found some, but didn't really like the artwork or background color, and the price was out of my range. So in typical Kati fashion, I decided there had to be a way that I could make my own, and make just what I was looking for.

I spent days painting, drawing, photographing, editing, etc and now I can order leggings with my very own jungle print and my very own flamingo print. Not only leggings, but also coffee mugs and notebooks and skirts and scarves and and and. I'm quite pleased with it. Other people can order items with my artwork on them too. Maybe someone else was looking for just such a print on a tote bag or phone case or sticker. It's a fun thought.

I added a link under Shop in the navigation bar titled "Leggings, Artwork, and More" that will take you to the print on demand site. Once there, you can click on one of my designs to see how it looks on dozens of products. I'm excited to order a few things. I'm also really looking forward to continue adding artwork. I've always thought it would be immensely fun to be a textile design artist, and this is getting to kinda-sorta-a little bit-pretend to be.