Light Spring Seer

The Seer Archetype finds it's color scheme playing to deep, smoky, rich, tapestry colors, so what happens when your personal coloring is the light end of Spring? Even more magic, that's what. Unexpected coloring leads to a really unique end look, but it does require extra care to get us there in a way that stays true to the mood of the archetype.

There are always multiple directions we can go, and it's only through a full archetype analysis that the best path for the individual becomes clear. For this post, not having a specific person and all of their questionnaire answers in mind, we will look at one potential path.

One of the subtypes that leaps to mind is Lady Luck. She has greens and reds, essential to Seers, but is usually portrayed with somewhat brighter versions of these. A strawberry blonde with a kelly green dress is quite springy. It doesn't take much to shift this into the range of a light Spring green. Where red would be used, you have a strawberry pink or a coral to choose from, and these would pair really nicely with your browns and taupes. Your smoke comes from your darkest greys and taupes. Stick with the recs in the Seer guide, tailoring the colors to your own, and the resulting look will still look Seer perfect. 

Light Spring can be plenty Seer smoky, because personal coloring is relative. What might not even register on someone else, gives a deep and rich feeling to your look. Is it different from the deep/rich of an Autumn Seer? Absolutely. No more and no less true to Seer than your own look. Diversity is fantastic.