When Stylists Disagree

Ask 10 different stylists their opinions and get 10 different visions. Some people have such a strong personality/coloring/lines that there will be more overlap than not in the visions, while other people may be told entirely contradicting things that take them all over the possible style map. 

While at first frustrating, this can really be a boon. It takes me back to something I wrote about tips for style inspiration and advice from others, which is: Your opinion is the final say. One of the best things you can do is to take in the opinion you have requested with an open mind, and then sort through what does and doesn't strike true for you, with your opinion. 

If you ask 10 artists to paint you, you will have 10 paintings in varying styles. Light, dark, abstracted, hyperreal, black and white, neon, pastel- they can be seen as shards of a whole mirror. The trouble is, the shards don't often complete a mirror when you try to fit them together. Each shard is a gift you are given. You have also given a gift by asking with an open mind and being receptive to someone else's vision for you.

Make-up mirror

You must use the pieces you've been given in the creation of your own mirror. Choose to use only the shards that resonate for you, and fill in the rest or the mirror on your own. You are your own final artist; your own final stylist. You learn different ways of seeing yourself, you then assimilate what you like, fill in the blanks, and go on to live a fantastically beautiful life of ultimately your own creation.