10 Item Capsule Wardrobe

10 item capsules are a way of structuring a capsule wardrobe that limits your core clothing items to ten. 

What is counted in the ten?
tops, bottoms, onesies (dresses, jumpsuits)

What isn't counted in the ten?
undergarments, outerwear, athletic wear, shoes, accessories, everything else

Your 10 items could be:
10 onesies
6 tops, 4 bottoms
6 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 onesies

It's a great way to begin experimenting with minimal wardrobes while still ensuring you have enough variety in what you're wearing. The absolute best way to get good at something, is to slog your way through experimenting and making mistakes. If we learn from our failures, our failures will lead to success.


Here is a Base 10 capsule I put together for an Autumn Seer in her early 20s. 6 tops, 3 bottoms, and 1 dress. I included a few accessory possibilities to complete the picture.

If you'd like help putting together a Base 10 wardrobe, visit the shop: style: additional services. 

If you put a 10 item capsule together, I'd love to see it in the comments!