Fantastical Beauty Personal Color Analysis

Fantastical Beauty takes your most flattering personal colors and applies them to your Archetype in very specific mini palettes in order to enhance the mood of your type while still enhancing your personal coloring. Each of the guides has descriptions of type coloring as well as specific sample palettes as well as visual examples of how to use the palette for the particular type, based on the four seasons color approach. 

If you're not yet familiar with seasonal color analysis, the basic four seasons color system goes thusly:

Winter: Cool and Saturated and Deeper
Spring: Warm and Saturated and Lighter
Summer: Cool and Muted and Lighter
Autumn: Warm and Muted and Deeper


This is pretty good. It allows us shorthand labels, while providing a lot of give and room to play. The colors attributed provide a sense of mood as well (to be covered in a future post).

While most people can find a color base from the four, human coloring is sometimes more complicated. For example, let’s say that your best neutrals are definitively warm, muted, and deeper (Autumn), but your best colors are sea-green, storm-green, and a slightly warmed mauve (Summer). Here is what that could look like (right).

In some systems, this exact palette would not be encompassed by a seasonal title, and this person would be given a palette that either had overly warm variations of their best colors, or overly cool variations of their best neutrals. In Fantastical Beauty, you come to your few absolute best colors and best neutrals (and their slight variations), and the seasonal title is a best fit depending on the vibe of the person (including their fantastical beauty archetype) and the mood of their unique palette. 

Let’s say our Summer-Autumn person is SJPish in coloring (this palette was not made with her in mind, so it’s not perfect, but it will do for our purposes here). Our pretend person is Fae in fantastical beauty archetype, and she could go earthy brownie fae or she could go more sparkle pixie. While she has a bit of earthy sensuality that she could channel, she seems to really shine in sparkle pixie. We’ll use the bit of earthiness as accent touches.

To play up the sparkle pixie vibe, we’ll focus on her rich cream as neutral, her sea-green, and her storm green as main color blocks. We’ll leave the mauve for her best lip color, and we’ll use the two browns as accents, finding ways of using them that are true to Fae (sparkly, diaphanous, ethereal, spunky) while hinting at earthy sensuality (Nymph). Let’s see if tigers eye will do this well.



Now that we have a full visual for this person, we see color from Summer, color from Autumn, and a spritely feeling (generally attributed to Spring). I’m dubbing it Sea Tiger Summer (fit for a Fae!), as Summer colors are our larger blocks. If we had found a shimmery, floaty bronze top and almond crop pants, and chosen pops of teal or rose, it would work, but the feeling of autumn (even a floaty, shimmery autumn) wouldn’t enhance her energy quite as well. 


Special Challenge:

If you can find a celebrity who might work with a Sea Tiger Autumn palette, I’ll create a Fantastical Beauty capsule for them and we can see how emphasizing the inverse of the palette works on another FB type.


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