Face Types in Fantastical Beauty

Face Types in Fantastical Beauty

Revisiting our 9 type chart here, we see that there are three face designations.

The face types in Fantastical Beauty are primarily derived from the scale of and distance between the main three facial features: eyes, nose, and mouth. Secondary factors can include the shape of the face, shape of the eyebrows, and the arrangement of the three main facial features within.

Frequently people fall in-between face types, or could equally fit two different face types. This is normal. Determining your type uses facial balance to whittle down options. In the next post we will see how body lines further whittle down typing options. Personality, mood, essence, and personal coloring are also used in determining type. Your correct Fantastical Beauty type will be a gestalt that takes facial balance into careful account. On to the facial types.

The different face types are categorized as: full, linear, and balanced.

Full faces tend to a combination of width (wide cheekbones, wide jaw lines, wide distance between the eyes, broad smile, softly wide nose) and fullness (full and broad lips, large eyes, soft cheeks).

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful example of a full face.

Angelina Jolie Global Summit 2014

Narrow faces may be oval or long in face shape. The features might give the impression of narrowness by the eyes being spaced slightly closely or the eyes and lips being spaced slightly farther away. Any fullness or balance is secondary to the linearity of the features.

Jennifer Connely is a gorgeous example of a narrow face.

Jennifer Connelly 2010 TIFF

Balanced faces can be characterized by a balanced face shape and by the features being equidistant from each other. The sizings of the features are also often in equal balance.

Marion Cotillard is a lovely example of a balanced face.

Marion Cotillard (July 2009) 1 cropped

Tip: If you are trying to find your own facial type, do not use selfies. Taking photos that close-up distorts your features.


What Fantastical Beauty facial type do you think Marilyn Monroe is?

Marilyn Monroe April in Paris Ball 1957