KLM10 Challenge

Woohoo, a challenge!

The challenge is to dress fantastically for 10 days, and to share your photos as you go. There are up to 3 points to be earned for each day, and at the end, the person with the most points will win a prize (a free guide of your choice or possibly a surprise from me in the mail). 

  1. A point for dressing in a Fantastical Beauty type in a way that is true to type. 
  2. A point for having enough visual interest in your look (color, print, texture, and design detail). Not every piece has to be a statement piece, but no grey pajamas here.
  3. A point for using the right hashtags on your photos/posts so that we can find you (#klm10) and understand what you were going for (#angel #soulguardian). If the garment details aren't coming through in your photo, include them in the description ("Silk cami with lace trim, satin stripe tuxedo pants with contrasting trim")

There is no limit on the number of pieces you can work from from to create your 10 looks. If you want an extra, personal, challenge, limit yourself to a capsule for the duration, and see how creative you can be with few pieces.

Please note: While anyone can play, to be eligible to win the challenge, your posts MUST be public.

If you're looking for mini exercises or more type information to help you on your way, join us on YouTube. The photo above is an example of one of our mini exercises. 


The below image is an approximation of my wardrobe. From this mostly Puck wardrobe, I will put together and wear 10 Nymph looks and post them on this blog post as a gallery as well as on Instagram and to the Facebook page as an example and to join in the fun. The only color is in my jewelry, making it even more important to have interesting fabrics, designs, and prints. If you are choosing mostly neutrals, think about these details and about your accessories that much more. 

Do you have your Fantastical Beauty type picked? Do you have your pieces mapped out? Do you know where you will post your looks with the hashtags mentioned above? Will you link your KLM10 challenge below in the comments to this post so we can be double sure we see them? Are you thinking in terms of color, print, texture, and design detail to get enough visual interest in?


The Average U.S. Wardrobe

From various data gatherers I read that the average woman in the U.S. has a closet with 103 items, and 20 pair of shoes (5 of which are worn). She spends about $92/month on clothing, an average of 2 items online and 3 purchases in-store. She regrets 78% of her purchases and only wears around 10% of her closet.

I did a fresh wardrobe inventory of my own, finding I had 101 items (coming in close to average), including 18 pair of shoes (again). I tried on every single piece, and photographed myself wearing each item for evaluation. My Keeping pile dropped my list to 9 dresses/gowns, 6 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 outerwear, and 6 shoes for a total of 28 pieces. How's that for spring cleaning? 

Most of what was cluttering my closet was of good quality and fit, but wasn't as well suited to me as the 28 pieces that made the cut (this is a major benefit of photographing everything at once and seeing your looks side by side). I don't want B grade looks stuffing up the back of the closet for if one of my A looks falls out or for the sake of "variety"- If an A look falls out, it needs to be replaced by another A look, and even 28 pieces is more variety than I need.  

I don't mean this to be a numbers game, other than to determine what you actually will wear, like to wear, and feel good wearing. If you have 100+ A garments, kudos to you. If you don't, consider letting items go. Let it to go to someone who will wear it and feel good wearing it today. It needs to leave your sight so you can see with clarity the wardrobe that serves you, and only the wardrobe that serves you. You need an A+ wardrobe for your life today- not a museum of your past life, nor a monument to the life you wish you had, but a wardrobe that supports the body, aesthetic, and lifestyle that you have right now in the best way possible.

So my brave and stylish Beauties, dare you count how many items are in your wardrobe and see how many of those pieces are actually your best? Will you be doing any closet spring cleaning this season to clear the way for your very best?