Ballet Influenced Style Challenge for the 9 Fantastical Beauty Types

Now that you're warmed up with the black dress challenge, I offer for you the Ballet Street Style challenge. To make it harder, I'm overriding the color guidelines in favor of pinks and greys and sticking with skirts and tops/bodysuits. To flesh each of these looks out into wearable fantasy, re-imagine them in their appropriate color schemes for your coloring, preference pull-on boots and ballet flat styles as best your type allows, and look for wrap sweaters in the fabrics, lines, and colors for your type. 

To up the excitement, whoever comments with the correct answers first, wins one of the existing guides of their choice. You may only comment one set of guesses. Check back in the comments to see if you are the winner, so you can email me your guide prize choice.

UPDATE: A winner has been announced and the answers are posted below. Click and drag below this text to reveal the answer key. 

1.fae 2.seer 3. magic queen 4. dragon princess 5. maenad 6. nymph 7. valkyrie 8. angel 9. mermaid


Here are possibilities for ballet inspiration. I would love to hear additional suggestions.

V    Sylvia
F    Les Sylphides
MQ    Anastasia
Ma    Bacchus et Ariadne
N    The Enchanted Forest
A    Swan Lake
DP    The Rite of Spring
Me    Ondine
S    Giselle