FB Guides Update: COLOR!

In response to requests for more information on each of the 9 Fantastical Beauty Archetypes and the unique ways each of the types approach color, I've greatly expanded the color sections in the type guides. There are now three pages of color information in each guide.

The first page is a longer discussion of the type's color scheme (is it bold or blended or contrasted? are there specific colors to focus on?), with a few notes on subtypes (more extensive discussion on subtype or leanings impact on color schemes and choices will be addressed in their own specific guides or blog posts). 

The second page shows sample palettes for each of four seasonal bases (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter coloring), with four sample palettes shown for each seasonal base (16 total sample palettes). 

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.47.15 AM.png

The third page shows sample color combinations with two sample outfit color combinations shown for each of the four seasons (8 total sample color combinations shown). 

With these suggestions, you have a lot of guidance to use in application of color to your own wardrobe. As added fun, you can customize and apply color to the ensemble illustrations in each guide for your type. You can print out the pages and try your hand at coloring in the outfits using your own best versions of the colors to see how it might look. You can add in your own best prints if you're feeling artistic.



Other updates: For now I've removed the Paypal buttons. You can still use Paypal, but rather than a button, email me with what you'd like to order (products/services), and I will create an invoice and send it to you. Checkout using a card is still available site-wide.  

If you previously purchased a guide and are itching to get your hands on the updated version with detailed color ideas, for a limited time only I’ll update yours for $5 per guide. Email me with your details to take advantage while you can.