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Kitsune are luscious creatures of the hearth that shapeshift from fox to human to start families. Their fluffy soft tails and shiny fur wrap around themselves and their loved ones luxuriously. They may collect mushroom, acorns, and other forest gifts on their journeys and leave them on a doorstep as a stew contribution.

You might try this guide if the following appeal to you:

  • a Natural and soft type, foxy
  • associations of: wisdom, longevity, seductress, trickster, lover
  • the imagery of: foxes, forest, acorns, mushrooms, tree stumps and logs, moss, fur, leaves, twigs, forests in autumn.

There is a warm coloring version as well as a cool coloring version. The warm version is the dominant image, but there is a viable cool variation. See the leggings and more of the Kitsune inspired print in both a warm coloring version and a cool coloring version.

Inside this 10 page PDF you will find: origin and meaning, keywords, translation into clothing, notes on color, a page of sample palettes for each of the four main coloring seasons, an annotated fashion illustration in color with each of the following looks: pants, skirt, and dress.

After purchase you will be given a link to immediately download the file. Due to the digital nature, there are no refunds available for this purchase.

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