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The Fairy Tale PDF

Kati L Moore

The Fairy Tale PDF


Your custom PDF guide will contain

  • Your Fantasy Type and recommended subtype(s)
  • Your Animal Familiar
  • A personal moniker. (see a few past examples here)
  • A personal mini palette just for your unique coloring
  • Head to toe recommendations for lines, fabrics, prints, tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, outerwear, jewelry, and more. 

This custom style guide follows the format of the many type guides, but is made wholly for you, and places your unique fantasy style front and center. You will have the blueprint to shop for your best necklines, silhouettes, and everything else for years to come.

Within 48 hours of purchase, an email with instructions will be sent to the email address you used during checkout.

Answers to a thorough questionnaire, a set of photos, and a short video of you talking will all be due within one week unless otherwise arranged, so please make sure you have time for this service before checkout.

A discount is offered if you have been typed by Kati previously for your Fantasy type, Animal Familiar, or had a palette made. 

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