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Kati L Moore



The Reaper is unabashedly gothic and romantic, and she feels deeply each life that she harvests. It is a heavy job, but someone must take it on, and she does it with aplomb and a pinch of humor.  

You might try this guide if the following appeal to you:

  • goth style
  • very romantic and theatrical, a bit morbid  
  • heavy and minimalistic
  • associations of: onyx, layers, smooth textures, memento mori, garnet, crushed velvet, somber (but not without humor), romantic, sentimental, gothic 

Inside this 10 page PDF you will find: origin and meaning, keywords, translation into clothing, notes on color, a page of sample palettes, a page of sample color combinations for clothing, and 3 annotated fashion illustration in color- one outfit each of: pants, a skirt, and a dress.

After purchase you will be given a link to immediately download the file. Due to the digital nature, there are no refunds available for this purchase.

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