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Hiit It 12 Week Fitness Program

Kati L Moore

Hiit It 12 Week Fitness Program

  • 144 Page Guide
  • 12 Weeks of Workouts that get progressively more difficult each month
  • 12 Week Fitness Journal for all of your workout notes, with mini pictures demonstrating each exercise
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training) format for quick results
  • Burn an average of 500 calories with 5 HIIT cycles per workout
  • Lose fat and gain lean strength in as little as 30 minutes a day
  • Optionally work toward splits, backbends, and handstands with add-on programs 
  • Less than the cost of one personal training session

This program is designed so that no matter what day of the week today is, today is your Day One of the program. No more waiting. It's time to get started. 

You will need an interval timer or interval timer app on your phone. It is also helpful to have: yoga blocks, a therapy band, and a towel or pillow. 

After purchase you will be directed to download a 51mb PDF file.

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