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S-Curve Types in Fantastical Beauty

S-Curves in Fantastical Beauty (If you missed face types, find the article here)

Revisiting our 9 type chart here, we see that there are three S-curve designations: Subtle, Moderate, and Major.

The second aspect of narrowing in on your type is to look at your body’s S-curve. S-curve refers to the shape of your torso when viewed from the front. S-curves are formed by the horizontal difference between your bust, waist, and hips. You may find that you fall in-between two of these and that is okay! Your type will be further modified by personality, mood, essence, and your personal coloring (the topic of the next post).

All the types are curvy, and all of the types are feminine. S-curves are simply how pronounced your body’s curves are from a front facing view and are only a small part of what makes you the type that you are. S-curve degree can also change with weight gain/loss and child-bearing, which is why they are only a small part of figuring out your type. Unless your S-curve is extremely obvious, there will be an argument for two s-curve types.

Like Face designations, S-curve designations are used to get you in the ballpark of your type, rather than delivering you a type on a mathematical platter, and by the end of this article, you should have narrowed your personal type possibilities down to four at the very most.

S-curves are mainly about horizontal measurements, but are modified by visual impact. If you have an extreme difference between the horizontal measurements of your waist and hips, but you are tall and your hips are more oval than round, the visual impact of S-curve will be lessened. Similarly, if you don't have much of a difference in measurements, but you are short with a high hip, or you have large breasts, the visual impact of S-curve will be more than measurements alone indicate. Visual impact is just one of the potential tools you might want to use (or choose to ignore in favor of stronger factors) when looking for your type.

Generally speaking a person will be put in the S-Curve group that is their most obvious fit, but you will find examples in each of the nine types that are in non-obvious S-curve groups for reasons of gestalt. The only thing you won't find regarding S-curve types, is someone who has an obvious Major S-curve in a Subtle type (Valkyrie, Fae, and MQ), nor an obvious Subtle S-curve in one of the Major types (DP, Mermaid, and Seer) 

On to the examples:

Helena Bonham Carter is a sultry example of a subtle s-curve.

Madonna is a sexy example of a moderate s-curve.

Marilyn Monroe is a seductive example of an extreme s-curve.

QUIZ: What S-Curve designation would you give Blake Lively?

BONUS QUESTION: Now that you also know the face types, what final type would you give Lively based on these two factors as well as your vibe intuition about the Fantastical Beauty type pinboards?

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