New Services

New Services

I've had countless emails requesting bite sized style services, and I've tried on and off for the past two years to pare Fantastical Beauty down in such a way, failing each time. 

The strength of Fantastical Beauty is in its depth and story, and how personal and finely woven the complete picture is. I've never been able to make Fairytale consultations smaller without losing the essential magic. There is really only one service and it is a massive undertaking of a bare minimum of 20 hours of work spread across multiple days so that uncounted reflection time allows for fine tuning. I usually cap accepted Fairytale clients to two per month to allow time for other work and to keep creative energy full. 

For bite sized services, I'm excited to now offer general style consults that are unconnected to Fantastical Beauty, and instead look at general build, coloring, and the art of cohesive looks. These services each take under 8 hours which puts them within reach of many more people as well as allows me to accept more clients. None of these new services connect to Fantastical Beauty, even if you have previously had a Fairytale consultation- these are wholly separate, repeatable, and start from scratch each time.

New services include:


P.S. The Animal Familiar accessories series will resume this Friday and the remaining posts will be posted weekly on Fridays without another break in posting.