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My Capsule Wardrobe January 1, 2016

Style Analysis

It is a living, evolving capsule. You can also see snapshots of how it has been in the past. I'm constantly seeking to play with and improve it. Clothing is a necessity, and style a passion to explore. 


Not pictured: exercise clothes, undergarments, jewelry

  1. purple velvet blazer
  2. coral cutout 3/4 sleeve jacket
  3. coral trenchcoat
  4. green wool coat
  5. grey moto jacket
  6. grey drape blazer
  7. green wool cloak
  8. red-orange blazer
  9. rosegold sequin mini dress
  10. cream stretchy sheath dress
  11. navy sparkle neck bodycon mini dress
  12. green double zip sheath dress 
  13. grey sheath dress
  14. grey maxi dress
  15. green halter maxi dress
  16. wine slip dress (got rid of)
  17. navy sparkle maxi dress (favorite thing)
  18. red-orange purse
  19. black purse
  20. gold purse
  21. black hooded dress sleeveless maxi
  22. aqua maxi dress
  23. green halter jumpsuit
  24. coral purse
  25. grey tote
  26. grey silk tie-dye cami
  27. grey split hem tee
  28. purple silk blouse button up
  29. navy ruffle neck sleeveless blouse
  30. navy silk tank
  31. grey midi tube skirt
  32. green maxi straight skirt (diy)
  33. red-orange slim pant
  34. grey wool trouser
  35. black wrap waist pant
  36. coral drape pant
  37. slight bootcut jeans (currently don't fit)
  38. silver clutch
  39. black lace up heels
  40. lime and aqua peeptoe booties
  41. coral wedges
  42. holographic belt
  43. sunglasses
  44. shoulder jewelry
  45. taupe snakeskin sandal heels
  46. gold skyscraper heels
  47. black and navy sandal heels
  48. black bow booties
  49. pewter loafers
  50. black oxfords

There are many items on this list that I know I want to send on their way, and many items I know I want to replace. My current ideal wardrobe is: suits, sleeved maxi dresses, straight midi skirts, blouses, flats/lows in: green, aubergine, royal purple, coral pink, and grey. Not terribly much on my list that aligns, but that's the plan, folks.

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