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KLM10 Autumn 2017 Challenge

Style Analysis


Just a quick reminder that the KLM10 Autumn challenge is sneaking up! It will begin September 25th. This time there will not be points or a prize, but I'm hoping for lots of interaction, support, and community building among participants. 

Have you chosen a fantasy type to explore for the challenge? I'm still thinking about the last challenge and how it is much easier to do one of the 9 base types. You really have to be particular and clear with your choices if you're aiming to express a fantasy subtype. It might be fun to ask people to guess what you were going for :)  If you are looking for specific feedback (or to avoid specific feedback), make sure to tell people on each photo. Instagram is where I will be searching for tags to interact with beauties. You might also use the challenge for general style (not a type), and look to play with KLM Addition.

Not everyone around the world will be in fall weather, but I know those of us who will be are very excited to be putting on pants and sweaters again. These late summer days are my favorite for mixing and matching unexpected pieces- heavy sweaters with short skirts and sandal or jeans, boots, and crop tops. 

I'd love to hear in the comments how your klm10 autumn challenge prep is going; and if you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, make sure to do so now, as the autumn equinox edition will go out before long. Happy end of summer <3

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