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How to Style an Undercut / Short Hair

I love having short hair. I also love variety. I've learned the hard way (only a dozen or so times) that short hair is only fun to me as long as it's long enough to play with and style in different ways. So here are a few ways to style short hair.

1. The Flophawk
With an undercut, it may not be a true flophawk, but it's as much a standby for me now as in my many mohawk'd days. Stylishly lazy. A bit of gel if you're feeling like effort.


2. The Flirt aka The Long Pixie aka Sometimes I Feel Girly, But Don't Worry, Not That Often, Maybe Once a Month.

Brush hair forward and add a headband. Try to find a cute one. I don't have cute headbands. 
After it's on, use the end of a comb to lift some of the hair behind the band, both to give the back fullness and to shorten the front where you want. 
You could also add a cute barrette or bow or flower if that's your thing.


3. The Business. 
As in, this is how I would wear my hair to a job interview at an office.
Simply parted and combed.


4. Momma Said Knock You Out
Gel in the front and finger-combed to the side
Claw clip in back


5. The Linda EvangelistaBun, twist, or otherwise pin the length in the back.
A bit of gel and a twist to the front hair and it's 90s supermodel magic.

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