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Happy Halloween 2015! Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice Costume

Well, I've finally done it- I've posted a video to YouTube. It was not my first attempt. It was not my best attempt. It is a panic-inducing experience in embarrassment, but I find I often benefit from the experiences that are the most uncomfortable, especially if the source of the discomfort is "putting yourself out there". I'm counting it a victory against the ongoing battle of social anxiety and shyness, no matter how shallow and derpy it is. We must persevere! Success through maximizing failures!

I've been feeling rundown and battling a sore throat for the last few days and won't be going out for Halloween this year. A great sadness, as it has always been my favorite holiday. I pulled together what I could and created a fun look inspired by Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice (the animated version) and filmed how I created it.  If I can't go out, at least it's nice to be "seen" and to "see" others Halloween creations at home in bed.

It seriously took about twenty minutes to get the false lashes on, but in my opinion, they were the best part of the look. I also loved having the wig styled as a half pony so high up as Lydia does. I liked it better than my own hair, and I like my own hair. I'll have to have more wig-just-because days with it

If I do it again (and I probably will- I really like it!), I'll add a thin line of liner over the false lashes- I spaced it at the time.

I always wondered why makeup tutorial videos were so long. In my (viewer's) mind, they should all be condensable down to about 5 minutes, and so I expected my makeup video to be about that length. I also thought that I took ten minutes tops to do my own makeup. HA! I've filmed and edited a couple makeup tutorials now, and it's an effort to get 20+ minutes down to 12ish. Makeup takes way longer than it feels like, people. Apologies to every makeup tutorial I've internally judged as being unnecessarily long. They weren't.  

I'm using makeup that I've had around for who knows how long. It isn't all cruelty-free, and I wish that it was. One day.

Products used:
Elf Face Primer- Green
Palladio Concealer- Mint and Porcelain
Vichy Dermablend Foundation- 15 Opal
Mac Prep & Prime
Mac Sculpting Powder- Sculpt

(Discontinued) Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil- Charcoal Grey
Revlon Eyeshadow Palette- 01 Copper Spice (darkest shade)
Loreal Eyeshadow - Eternal Black

Coastal Scents 252 Eyeshadow Palette- Pink and Purple
Sephora Liquid Liner- Starry Sky
Maybelline Mascara Rocket Volume Express
Fun False Lashes (unknown make)

Revlon- Certainly Red
Wet&Wild- Vamp it Up


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