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Fantastical Beauty and Use of Personal Coloring in Typing

Style Analysis

There are ways to make every personal coloring work with every type (as you see in the guides), but the prototypical image of each of the 9 types is friendlier to some personal coloring than others. The ease of your own best colors meshing with the dominant image of a type might be a useful tertiary consideration for some (particularly for those not looking to do much personalization work).


The dominant color schemes are as follows:

Valkyrie: Black and Darks, Neutrals

Fae: Pastels and Icies, Purple

Magic Queen: Black+White and Cool Brights, Red

Maenads: White and Warm Brights, Orange

Nymph: Softs and Warm Browns and Greens

Angel: White and Pastels, Pink, Blue

Dragon Princess: Brights and Gold, Metals

Mermaid: Cool Blues, Greens, Pinks

Seer: Muted Warms, Red, Grey, Green


What do I do if my type doesn't easily lend itself to the dominant color scheme of my type? E.G. if I'm an Angel who looks best in dark colors and purple especially, or I'm a Valkyrie but prefer wearing my lightest colors and few neutrals.

1. Schedule a style analysis with me so I can create a unique vision for you that includes a personalized moniker and uses your best colors in conjunction with the particulars of your type.

2. Explore the guide. Each guide shows sample palettes and color combinations for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter coloring.

3. Explore Leanings and Subtypes as a way of better harmonizing a type and coloring together.

4. If you're not interested in personalization/the guides/custom analysis, and the dominant mood of your type and your coloring are opposites, see if another type within your quadrant would work better for you.


How should I use color as a tertiary consideration in typing myself?

Colors (and bust size, stature, personality, etc) are just one tiny tertiary consideration among many for when you are really on the fence between two types. If you are truly on the fence, how close your preferred coloring is to the color scheme of a type might be one of the small factors worth considering as you try to make the call.


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