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Bikinis For the 9 FB Types

Style Analysis

Valkyrie // Fae // Magic Queen

Maenad // Nymph // Angel

Dragon Princess // Mermaid (alt) // Seer

If you're looking for examples of one-piece swimsuits, click here.

Valkyrie: So Valkyrie/Amazon warrior goddess, no?

Fae: Very pixie. It comes in a nice purple as well. I wanted to find an example for taller Fae and didn't come across one, but I'll keep my eyes out. Feel free to suggest them in the comments if you find something good.

Magic Queen: I'm picturing this with a colorful pair of sunglasses and a flower in her hair. Possibly bracelets.

Maenad: Isn't that purple gorgeous? I like the fringe combined with the mixed print bottom. It gives it that eclectic element that Maenad needs.

Nymph: Yeeaaah, I may have ordered this one. High neck, plant print, sleek but a bit mussed by the bottom straps (in a good way). 

Angel: Perfectly sugar sweet with the lace trim.

Dragon Princess: A great vintage style that comes in at least one other DP-approved color scheme. A lower rise bottom would be great as well, especially if it had a metal ring in the waistband. You know the style?

Mermaid: Aaaaand I may be on the verge of ordering this one. Can you think of a more perfect print? It's called "Under the Sea" and has all of those wonderful motifs. It comes in a higher rise bottom as well, a different top, bigger cups if needed, and a rashguard! So tempting to buy it in all the things.

Seer: Simple pinup in red. I found great Seer print bikinis, but know a handful of Seers personally who will appreciate this one.

And there we have it! Anyone have upcoming plans to go somewhere swimsuit-friendly?

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