Get the magic back with a style vacation

Is dressing harmoniously boring you to tears? Are you sick of trying to figure out what's harmonious and essential? Do you need to be someone else for a day, or maybe a month? It can be a vacation from guidelines, a vacation from yourself, or just a desire to play dress-up that starts the itch, but once it starts, it tends to burn.

What might you do on a style vacation? Want to wear cartoon prints and tulle? Go for it. Neon yellow when your best is soft colors? Rock it out. Want to slip into another Fantastical Beauty type? Do it. Don't invest big money in these pieces, mind you, but find a way to enjoy it. Play with it like you might have when you were 5- fearlessly and for the fun of it.  

How might you make it work with a minimalist approach? Secondhand items that you can re-donate (or send to thredup) when the mood passes, borrow from friends, and swap parties are all viable approaches to avoiding a sprawling costume trunk and depleted bank account when the fevered dream recedes.

Artists are often playing with disharmony to illicit a variety of reactions. If you're in a style funk, art it up, friends. Be someone else. Invent a new name for yourself. Create and play a side character for a while. You were Cara the Valkyrie and now you want to be Lesha the Seer. Enjoy your style vacation!

Above all else, free yourself. Maybe you will have learned something beneficial that you can take with you when the tide begins to ebb, and maybe you will not. It doesn't matter. Feeling free matters. Not trying to be, but allowing yourself to be, matters. Better to walk beside yourself in a gently supportive way, than to try to yoke yourself. You can move with yourself without encouraging a frenzy or overindulgences- just walk beside yourself and be a good friend to yourself in all things.