A romantic style for short hair and undercuts

Growing out an undercut can be tough. Are you sure you want to grow it out? If you tried it on a lark and found it doesn't flatter your lines, by all means, but if you feel stagnated or bored by short hair, there really are a lot of styles to play with, and if short hair or an undercut is flattering to you, it's worth learning the world of styling options available to you.

Today I'm sharing a romantic way to style your short hair/undercut, that I discovered when it felt like a burden to carry an edgy look every day. The best part? It's super simple.

Begin in the back and off to one side. If your hair is extra short, you might still manage this look, but may need to work just in the front along your forehead.

Start french braiding your hair forward, until you get to your forehead, then curve around along your forehead before continuing the braid back to the other side from your starting side. When you run out of hair, slide a bobby pin in to hold it.

If you do this after a shower while your hair is damp, it can last two days, and when you take it out, you will have fun crimpy hair for a day if you like. It's my go-to style when I'm pretending to waver between growing my hair out and cutting it again, because it's a polished look for all of those awkward lengths in-between. 

While good alone, you can always add a headband, floral crown, sparkly hair pins, or any other decoration to really romanticize the look.