The Concept

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The Concept


The Concept is an entry-level style assessment that defines your unique character to enhance your best gifts.

It begins with typing (Fantastical Beauty and Animal Familiar), after which a custom palette is made from the particulars of your coloring and placed within a seasonal energy. The unique impression that you give is put in words, and your imagery and motifs brought forth. A moniker is named. From there, the details of your best look are identified, and then all of this information is beautifully brought together in an iconic look. This style blueprint is bundled into a PDF to reference as you claim confidence and move your clarified style direction forward.

  • Three services in one (Fantasy type, Animal Familiar, Color analysis), tied together with deep personalization
  • Be typed with your Fantastical Beauty and Animal Familiar types
  • Learn the impression you personally give off and how to dress to enhance it
  • An extensive examination culminating in notes about your best hairstyle, makeup, necklines, sleeve lengths and shapes, blouse details, pant shapes, dress shapes, proportions, silhouettes, prints, fabrics, head wear, jewelry, shoes, and more.
  • A custom palette of 6 colors and 2 neutrals
  • A unique moniker ("Cassandra: The Aquamarine Sorceress" See real moniker examples of previous clients here)
  • Imagery and motifs unique to you to draw upon and set your scene
  • An illustration of how it all adds up to an iconic head-to-toe look
  • All bundled into a PDF with hand drawn embellishments to serve as a blueprint for you to carry your style forward with certainty and confidence

This service can be done virtually or in person. To begin organizing for a trip to your city for a live appointment, use the contact form and do not purchase or check out today. Purchasing through this page is for virtual appointments only.

For virtual appointments, instructions will be sent within 48 hours of purchase. Please check the email you used during checkout.

Submitted materials (photos, answers to a lengthy and in-depth questionnaire, and video) are expected within one week. Please make sure you have time for this service before purchase or pre-arrange an extended deadline.

Feel free to use the contact form to inquire about current turn around time (the time between when you submit your completed materials and when you will be emailed your completed fairy tale style Concept Guide PDF).

This service can be extended into a personal full guide like you find in the type guides shop. Contact for pricing and availability.

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