Discover your fairy tale

This isn't your ordinary style approach, but Fantastical Beauty- a fantasy and myth inspired system founded by Kati. With it she will create your style story, and you will learn what type of fantasy being you are, and what Animal Familiar you have. Your combinations and personality are wholly your own, and with them we open the book of your fairy tale. 

Embrace your magic

Each person is unique, and the physical and personality features that make you different, also make you exceptional- this is your magic. You will learn the flavor of your magic and how to embrace it, feel empowered by it, and wield it as a strength.

Live your story

How we look tells a story to the world. Discovering your fairy tale and embracing your magic will set you on a path to expressing your best story to the world. 

Open the book

Choose your program:


The Concept

The Concept is an entry-level style assessment that defines your character to enhance your best gifts.

The personal analyses of color, physicality, and unique personality yield a custom PDF blueprint for your iconic style, covering an exquisitely detailed plan from head-to-toe. It is a personal guide to your iconic look that will instill confidence and move your newly clarified style direction forward.


The Outline

The Outline is a three month service that takes your closet from drab to fab. I will go through your closet, and create shopping plan based on the fantasy vision you need for your lifestyle and preferences. From there I will teach you how to put it together from head to toe and accessorize to dazzle in a way true to you. This seasonal transformation will take you from scattered to cohesive, with pieces imbued with personal meaning.


The Fairy tale

The Fairy Tale is the complete package with the highest level of customization. It takes place over the course of up to a year, to guide you through changing seasons and tastes and teach everything you need to know to be your most consistent, stylish, and authentic self throughout your life.  

This highly collaborative service has only a few spots available to ensure you receive all of the attention and focus you deserve.