In a nutshell, the Kati L Moore style system involves 9 types of Fantastical Beauty (your fantasy being type based on face and body lines) and 14 Animal Familiars (your animal familiar is based on your height, width, and the shapes found in your face and body). Your best coloring is found in one of four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), personalized, and used in creating your unique best style. 

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Personalizing one of the 9 is done in private service as well as through the subtype guides.

Learn more about each of the 9 in the following links: ValkyrieFaeMagic QueenMaenadNymphAngel, Dragon PrincessMermaidSeer.

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Valkyrie: Godiva, Raven Rider, Amazon, Huntress, Werecat, Werewolf
Fae: Garden Fairy, Elf, Nixie, Sylph, Brownie
Magic Queen: Enchantress, Sorceress, Imp, Necromancer
Maenad: Succubus, Vampire, Gorgon, Witch, Satyress, Jinn
Nymph: Kitsune, Nyx, Woodland Puck, Centaur, Dryad, Heket
Angel: Soul Guardian, Star Woman, Iris, Fallen Angel, Pegasus
Dragon Princess: Mother of Dragons, Harpies, Cupcake Princess
Mermaid: Lamia, Selkie, Sea Puck, Kelpie
Seer: Siren, Banshee, Reaper, Ghost, Lady Luck

Animal Familiars address shape and scale in a way that fits holistically in our unique fantastical beauty world. The Animal Familiar is a designation that symbolizes the dominant lines, scale, and impression of your person; meaning that the Animal Familiar and yourself physically resemble one another in the following ways.

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Keep in mind that weight changes perception but not underlying structure- low weight does not mean a person is narrow and high weight does not mean a person is relatively wide in structure. You might also think of it as the difference between a sharp impression and a softer impression. Someone who is moderate or softly wide will not give a sharp impression even at a low weight, just as a narrow person will not give a softly blunt impression even at a high weight. 

Tall, narrow, and sharp. Razor cheekbones, angular and sleek features, with a notable beak.
Examples: Eva Green, Grace Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gustaf Skarsgard.

Tall, narrow, and a bit delicate/soft. Narrow, thin features, but not as angular as the Hawk. A gentle, sinuous underpinning.
Gwenyth Paltrow, Olivia WIlde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bill Skarsgard.

Tall, narrow, and a mix of angular and round features. Wide, round, pronounced cheekbones; often tilted eyes; full lips; full/wide chest; prominent nose. 
Laverne Cox, Jennifer Coolidge, Sofia Vergara, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Tall, medium to softly wide build, softened features with angular touches. Wide lips and mouth, wolfish grin.
Taylor Schilling, Katherine Heigl, Joe Manganiello, Josh Hartnett.

Tall-Med, softened, softly wide, and round features. Full mouth, full/wide chest/hips.
Kaley Cuoco, Katy Perry, Jimi Hendrix, Brad Pitt.

Medium height, medium build, moderate features with touches of sharpness. Even, moderately scaled features and even proportions with touches of narrow/sharpness.
Lara Pulver, Julianne Moore, Alexis Bledel, Orlando Bloom

Medium height, medium build, moderate features with touches of fullness. Even, moderately scaled features and proportions with touches of fullness/width.
Amy Adams, Gillian Anderson, Tatiana Maslany, Penn Badgley

Medium height, wide/full features. Full features and attention grabbing with a big presence. Full/round everything.
Beyonce, Sasha Pieterse, Tom Riley, Johnny Depp

Medium-Short, medium-small build, full and sharp mix of features. Large eyes, full mouth, sloping nose, and always up to something.
Alyson Stoner, Claire Boucher, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan.

Short-Medium, narrow build, mixed features with accent touches of sharp/angular. Sleek and sharp in a smaller package.
Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, Daniel Radcliffe.

Short-Medium, soft width in their features, round and sharper accents. Adorable, but don't forget the claws!  
Melissa McCarthy, Lena Dunham, Mila Kunis, Johnny Galecki.

Bush baby
Short, narrow build, doll-like features. Saucer eyes, rosebud mouth, apple cheeks.
FKA Twigs, Sarah Hyland, Aziz Ansari, Elijah Wood.

Short, narrow lush build, mix of full and sharp features. Figure-8 curves, narrow-med bones, round eyes, round or sharp cheeks, narrow or rosebud lips, round or angular jawline.
Anna Kendrick, Ksenia Solo, Thandie Newton, Pharell Williams.

Short, wide/full, full/round features. Med-wide bones, round eyes, button nose, round cheeks, rosebud lips, round jawline.
Ariel Winters, Kit Harington, The Weeknd.


Celebrity examples are best judgement at the time of examination and though unlikely, may be subject to re-classification upon in-depth review.
Your personal moniker may involve an animal that is not your Animal Familiar.
An Animal Familiar does not correlate with Fantastical Beauty type.