How do I determine my type on my own?

You can go with your intuition, or you can find your type using the features of your face and your body's s-curve.

  1. Explanatory video of Fantastical Beauty face types
  2. For the S-curve types (subtle, moderate, major), consider the waist to hip ratios and the way they differ in the celebrities: Ellen Page (subtle), (moderate), and Kim Kardashian (major). For men, consider waist to shoulder ratios as subtle, moderate, and major.

The grid of fantasy types is ordered by column left to right: Wide/Full faces, Narrow/Linear faces, and Balanced/Compact faces. It is ordered by row top to bottom: Subtle S-curve, Moderate S-curve, Major S-curve.

If you can't pinpoint your type, it is best to figure out which grouping of four you fit within. The groupings are:

Fae/Magic Queen/Nymph/Angel
Magic Queen/Valkyrie/Angel/Maenad
Maenad/Nymph/Dragon Princess/Mermaid
Angel/Maenad/Seer/Dragon Princess

Can weight and age change type?

Age and weight don't change type. In analysis with me, I request a range of photos from throughout your life to look for dominant patterns while paying special attention to the needs and details of current reality. If age or weight gain really change the lines, that may indicate a leaning.

I have a friend who can go from solidly Subtle to solidly Major with weight change. I consider where her S-curve is most consistently. In her case, that is solidly Subtle, and it's best for her to create her identity there, and adjust the lines, carefully borrowing from Major if she were to gain much weight in the future.

What subtypes are most commonly associated with each main type?

Many of these are available in the shop as guides. The rest could be commissioned into existence, as could an idea of your own not yet listed below.

Valkyrie: Godiva, Raven Rider, Amazon, Huntress, Werecat, Werewolf
Fae: Garden Fairy, Elf, Nixie, Sylph, Brownie
Magic Queen: Enchantress, Sorceress, Imp, Necromancer
Maenad: Succubus, Vampire, Gorgon, Witch, Satyress, Jinn
Nymph: Kitsune, Nyx, Woodland Puck, Centaur, Dryad, Heket
Angel: Soul Guardian, Star Woman, Iris, Fallen Angel, Pegasus
Dragon Princess: Mother of Dragons, Harpies, Cupcake Princess
Mermaid: Lamia, Selkie, Sea Puck, Kelpie
Seer: Siren, Banshee, Reaper, Ghost, Lady Luck

To figure out which type you are, explore the guides on your own, or schedule an appointment to have something special created just for you.

See the list in another format here katilmoore.com/fantastical-beauty