A Classy Maenad, Regal Round Client Example

With permission, I offer for your viewing pleasure an illustrated example of one woman's Maenad expression. I hope for it to be a useful example in working against any Maenad stereotypes as well as an opportunity to explore in what ways this gorgeous client's looks are entirely Maenad, entirely Regal Round, and entirely personal. Click the image below or here to see her board.

What do we see that is Maenad? Open necklines, soft fabrics that drape, fitted silhouettes, a mix of textures, long lines of neutral. open shoes, almond toed closed shoes with texture, tassel jewelry as a luxe take on fringe, softly straight pants, splashy florals, beading, wraps/cowl/ruching/drape, color fur, velvet jackets, peplum jackets, softly curled (not overly styled) hair, etc.

Magic Queen was specifically mentioned as possible overlap, but I don't see a strong influence here. There are Maenad avoids that apply to this client that warn about how MQ can look on non-MQs: plain, classic, serious. And there are MQ avoids that are nice for this client: animal prints, bootcut jeans with optional bling, and draping in her fabrics. Much of the MQ guidelines work against her- higher necklines, button-ups, stiffer sheath dresses, classic blazers, basic pointy pumps, tapestry florals, mid-heavy makeup, angular purses, sharp v necklines, punctuation, full skirts, etc.  

Both of the above examples are for a classy personal interpretation, with summer coloring, for Maenad Regal Round on one side, and Maenad MQ on the other. On the left, for more classy polish, you would choose a solid grey hat or purse. For more typical Maenad fun, you might wear both together as shown.

The second important piece in this style Venn diagram is her Base 5 type- Regal Round. While there is more coming on B5, until the guides are out I'll illustrate a few influences. Regal base types need to avoid color blocking. Maenad color use is either bold and blocking or a long line of color emphasizing neutrals. As a Regal base Maenad, she uses a long line of color and her neutrals are especially lovely (whites and grays here). In using both FB and B5, we look for the best points of overlap and discard most outliers. Color blocking is discarded here. Another example at play is that the Maenad "short" hemline is around knee-length for Regal Round, as the B5 type has an elongating effect. And a final example, as seen above, for Regal Round, folding and constructed draping is one possibility while sleeker lines (with softness elsewhere) is another possibility. Maenad favors the soft folds interpretation while MQ favors the sleeker possibilities. This approach of finding points of intersection is applied to silhouettes, necklines, hem lines, pant leg shapes, skirt shapes, fabrics, jewelry, design detail, color, prints, and more. Where intersection is not found, whichever option is superior for the individual in question is chosen. 

The final piece of the puzzle is personal preference, inner feelings, and daily lifestyle needs. If your best look involves low cut tops, but it makes you feel uncomfortable to wear them, the neckline must come up. If stripes are great on you, but you just can't stand them, we have to look elsewhere. Because classy is to the client's preferences and personality, we push the look as far as we can in that direction without losing her physicality. These preferences and feelings give a push in directions that are soft and classy, and away from the more playful, funky Maenad mood, or the sharper Regal Round possibilities. This push effects the recommendations as a subtype does. Where mixing prints and wilder hair may be ideal for another Maenad Regal Round, here we went more subdued. Classy can be a particular challenge for Maenads, and what you see on her board is as far as we go without losing losing the fun, worldly, and funky- the faux furs, tassels, animal prints, big hats, map prints, and devore keep her fantastical beauty anchored.