Base 5

Base 5 as a system of shapes and scale has been mentioned in numerous previous posts, and has been growing into a wonderfully complementary system to Fantastical Beauty. As it has grown, we have new shape and base names to further shed associations and connotations with a long history of legacy systems. We have Illustrative drawings, and we have sub-identities for each type. The Base 5 guides are coming (with the sub-identities included in the guides).

This is a good time to be really clear: Base 5 is NOT any other system. Base 5 designates celebrities, clothing recommendations, and typing differently. Base 5 does not consider yin/yang nor personality/essence. Base 5 is shapes and scale. Whatever you are in comparable systems DOES NOT correlate with Base 5. You MUST start with fresh eyes and not fall into assumptions- about yourself, about others, about shapes/fabrics/etc.   

The shapes are Round/Circle, Mixed Round and Linear, Oval, Rectangle, and Line. They each can lean Round or Linear. 

Round is renamed Lush
Mixed is renamed Spirited
Oval is renamed Timeless
Rectangle is renamed Flowing
Line is renamed Regal

In addition to shapes (in your body, in your clothes, in accessories), Base 5 gives us scale (of your body, extended to prints, accessories, and clothing proportions). 

Until we have the guides, consider what your dominant shape is. What shapes are seen in your hair? Eyes? Eyebrows? Nose? Cheek bones? Lips? Jaw? Neck? Shoulders? Bust? Waist? Hips? Torso as a whole? Legs? Palms? Fingers? Feet? Toes?  Where do you pull linear? Where do you pull round? Are you more in between? Is that in-between-ness more oval or rectangular?