Housekeeping update

Dear Fantastical Beauties,

I am truly thrilled at all of the excitement, support, and response for sub-type guides. I'm also swamped by how long they take to create. I love expanding the world. I love bringing life and detail to new flavors or deviations on a base type. I love the co-creative aspect of taking your dreams, funneling them into the system, and seeing what comes out. I intend to continue doing just that, but in a way that better balances the time involved creating them with all of the other desires we have for the system. 

I empathize with the need for an option that is custom but done in the type you are already committed to. I think the subtype guides are a good outlet for this need. The only downside is that I can't continue to offer them for a low price when they take so long to create and don't currently sell much beyond the initial commission. I'd like to continue offering it as a service, but at a price that better offsets the time involvement. 

I also empathize with the need for a lower priced offering, and would like to add a new option or two in replacement. I'm open to the suggested idea of a service to type your pinboards. I'm open to other ideas you might have for small services, so please share your ideas.

I'm going to spend the next two weeks being attentive to private client work (which includes 3 subtype guides that were previously commissioned) and building posts for the blog beyond subtype introductions (the next post will be a fun challenge, so stay tuned). There is interest in Base 5 as a complementary system that I would like to attend to, and the wish list for blog posts in our facebook group is massive. I expect to be moving cities within the next month, which means afterward I will have reliable internet and the ability to make and upload videos with explanations or answers to your questions (I've been on satellite internet for the past couple of years. Don't get me started.) 

My intention is to package subtype guides together by base type when a base type has 4 or 5 subtypes completed, at a notable discount. When there are 4-5 completed in every base type, I will look into hard copy/physical publication (through a publishing house or self-publishing) of a complete Fantastical Beauty style book with glossy pages that we can enjoy adding to our shelves.

Thank you for your ongoing support, enthusiasm, and understanding. I hope you are as excited as I am about all that is to come. <3